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Can setup your company logo and branding online shopping site ad’s because …. About 87% of the time people spend on their smartphones is actually spent using online shopping site. Because online shopping site advertising solutions allow you to access media opportunities all the way from searching goods and online shopping there need’s, to online shopping site responsive websites, to social media banners, you can make the most of the formats that are most likely to online to your target audience. is the biggest online shopping site and multi-screen mobile online B2B site. you can use our Advertising Platform. There are one types of online inventory available: in-online shopping site and any device can use our B2B site and peoples can visit your logo and web site link. stay with us.

Your company advertising size will same all our size follow our ad size and email is your ad picture Jpg format and payment bank slip copy together send us email then we setup your ad’s logo our site mark point . yearly sponsor fee you need to pay our china office bank , you can use our agent office to pay easy for your Contact partner or agent’s.

Monthly Fee USD $ 38.83.00
One year Fee USD $ 465.96.00
3 years Fee USD $ 1283.50.00
5 Years Fee USD $ 5218.38.00
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